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Feature Community Data Integration
Data Integration
BigData Platform Details
ETL Designer O O O O O Client GUI IDE tool for the development of ETL Jobs
Job Auto deploy O O Remote deployment of jobs
Shared repository O O O O Job source sharing (SVN)
Web admin console O O O O O Web-based ETL control server
Scheduler O O O O O Equipped with the scheduler engine
Authority Manager O O O O O User authority management
Unlimit job run O O O O O Unlimited jobs (Background process is operated, instead of scheduler)
Concurrent run Limit Unlimit Unlimit Unlimit Unlimit Number of jobs that can be execute simultaneously
Dashboard O O O O O Performance prediction using the dashboard, real-time resource and resource collection, timeline, etc.
Alarm siren  – O O O O Job status notification
Agent run  – O O Distributed processing of load by adding agents
HA Clustering O O High Availability guaranteed
BigData Component O O Operations and support of jobs for big data
Streaming Component O O Support for Semi-real-time streaming service

Data Integration

• Supports over 900 ETL integrated components
• Famous RDBMS ETL tasks such as Oracle, MSSql, MySQL, and Tibero
• Suitable for small/medium data transfer/operations
• Provides Server Job Auto Deploy
• Supports GIT/SVN-type configuration management service


• Includes all DI functions
• Supports over 100 Big Data components
• Hadoop-dedicated Avro/Parquet In/Out ETL service
• NoSQL (ElasticSearch, MongoDB Bulk, etc.) service
• Supports Queue service (Kafka, RabbitMQ, Redis)
• AWS (DDB, S3, SQS, RDS) service

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