InnoQuartz Overview

“InnoQuartz ETL Service Fabric”

A data integration solution based on Talend, InnoQuartz integrates and operates various types of data. It aims to build a data hub for semi-real-time data services, going beyond the traditional ETL.

InnoQuatz configuration

InnoQuartz simplifies the complicated process of installation, management, and operation and provides an intuitive and standardized development methodology to support fast and reliable development.

• Performs development, distribution, and configuration management as an IDE-based ETL tool
• Ensures consistent code quality through the standardization of solution development
• Monitors ETL performance logs in real time to ensure stability
Installation, management, and operation
• One Key Install – Provides services within seconds with available ports and JVM
• Supports ETL control server, performance prediction, monitoring, and distributed processing in the form of web services
• Structures intuitive interface considering operation and extension: ETL Job/Resource/Fail Over
Distributed processing of ETL
• Distributed processing of ETL in various environments through agents
• Performs distributed remote ETL work (Scale-out)
• Enables extended services through non-stop scale out

InnoQuartz Designer

It is an IDE tool for developing ETL jobs.

• Provides Java-based IDE (Integrated Development Environment)
• Supports ETL development and debugging on Windows
• Enables standardized RDB/BigData ETL development by providing more than 900 GUI components
• Provides Shared Repository and Auto Job Deploy functions for the configuration management of ETL development

InnoQuartz Server

As the control server of InnoQuartz, it provides monitoring, reporting, statistics, and performance prediction according to job execution.

• Provides ETL control web service
• Predicts job performance and reports monitoring
• Manages agents
• Supports High Availability (HA) clusters
• Enables One Key Install/Restore to maximize operational convenience

InnoQuartz Agent

Stores and transmits information on job execution, information recording, reporting, and resource monitoring on IQServer.

• Provides ETL control web service
• Enables Scale Out when ETL server is not stopped
Patent No. 10-18 06497: Middleware device for distributed ETL job processes and its method
• Distributed processing of ETL
• Monitoring and reporting of H/W resources
• Batch job status management and logging