• The construction of a data integration hub platform
• Schedule type + semi-real-time event-driven data transformation/transfer/conversion
• The optimization of the integration and management of commerce system data
• ETL agent extension without additional cost

Main features

•  Supports data transfer in cloud environments (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, etc.)
•  Applies relevant modules such as API and DRM when transferring data
•  Provides distributed processing through job execution agents
•  Provides simple and clear installation/transfer of the InnoQuartz product line with the focus on microservices
•  Provides real-time ETL performance monitoring
•  Easy extension with the scale-out method using agents (no additional solution cost)
•  Provides various development components accessible to OSS memory DB such as Queue, Redis, and Kafka
•  Customized components support the same level of technical support as the maintenance under software license supply agreements