InnoTree (CEO Byung-Keun Kim) presented ‘InnoQuartz’, a domestic data integration solution that performs various types of data integration and operation tasks.

InnoQuartz manages and controls data flow of various heterogeneous systems and cloud platforms., ETL (extraction, conversion, loading) for building data pipeline including data dam, data hub, data rake etc. is proceed. It supports standard development and operating platforms for software, infrastructure and monitoring required for efficient and stable data ops.

Compared to foreign ETL solutions, it directly performs development, operation, patch, and upgrade, so rapid technical support and low licensing costs are strong. As to customizing and maintenance issue, the response rational and quick possibles.

The patented distributed server technology automatically allocates and operates a plurality of ETL task performance results in the main server to the distributed server in real time. It provides integrated control monitoring function as a single view, which reduces additional expansion and maintenance costs.

InnoQuartz provides an easy-to-access Java-based IDE (Integrated Development Environment) development environment. Development, operation and implementation modules are integrated and can be applied organically to various systems and user environments.

InnoQuartz can be expanded to include deployment solutions, scheduler solutions, and data quality solutions with various automation capabilities as well as data integration. In addition, data can be integrated throughout life and industry due to the increase in non-face-to-face activities to expand data utilization and strengthen digital ecosystem.

“As the data ecosystem changes come as a signal that is the most basic of the government’s digital New Deal plan, the construction of an infrastructure (data dam) that refines and integrates data will be more active,” said a company official. “InnoQuartz plans to focus more on promoting and improving product awareness and expanding market share while responding quickly to thorough preemptive preparation and on-site voices.”