InnoQuartz, a data integration solution, was selected as an “excellent R&D innovation product” by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups.

InnoQuartz will be supported by veterinary contracts with public institutions for three years with the designation of this excellent R&D innovative product. Product information will be registered in the Electronic Procurement System Innovation Market of the Public Procurement Service.

InnoQuartz is a domestic solution that internalizes ETL tools based on the Talend Open Source. Development, operation, patch, upgrade, etc., and it is possible to provide rapid technical support for customizing and maintenance issues.

The patented distributed server technology is optimized for MSA and cloud environment. Multiple agendas share the load of the main server according to the large amount of ETL work, which reduces server scale up costs and solution license maintenance costs.

“We expect that the designation of this excellent R&D innovative product will be a great help in entering the public market,” said Yoo Byoung -soo, managing director of InnoTree. “We will work harder to contribute to the activation of the data ecosystem of public institutions with good products based on this national support opportunity.”