InnoQuartz, an integrated data solution, was supplied through the General Shopping Mall of the National Marketplace of the Public Procurement Service to the Ministry of Strategy and Finance’s SW purchase project to build and upgrade the e-naradoum Intelligent (AI Technology Utilization) Negative Sign Detection System of the Korea Financial Information Service.

InnoQuartz is a domestic data integration solution based on the Talen Open Source. It is less expensive than foreign solutions and can be flexible in maintenance.

InnoQuartz transfers, refines, and loads basic data to be used for statistical analysis in the establishment and upgrading of the e-naradoum intelligent Negative Sign Detection System of the Korea Public Finance Information Service. We will build a data mart that can analyze and verify the signs of illegal subsidies by model.

InnoQuartz is integrated with development, operation and implementation modules, which can be applied organically to various systems and user environments. It has more than 900 components that support data such as regular, irregular, semi-regular data, big data, cloud, and SAP.

In addition, the present invention can automatically allocate and operate a plurality of ETL work results from a main server to a distributed server in real time, thereby greatly reducing additional expansion and maintenance costs.

“InnoQuartz has been steadily engaged in public and private projects since its launch, while competing with its peers,” said Yoo Byung-soo, head of TCS business at Innotree. “We will actively support public institutions and local governments to introduce data integration solutions easily and stably through the General Shopping Mall in the National Market of the Public Procurement Service.”