InnoQuartz, an IT solution and service company, announced on the 16th that it has completed registration at the National Marketplace General Shopping Mall, which operates its data integration solution, InnoQuartz.

InnoQuartz is a domestic data integration solution based on the Talend Open Studio, which enables various types of data integration.

Development, operation, and implementation modules are integrated, so it can be applied organically to various systems and user environments. It can improve development convenience through more than 900 components supporting data such as fixed, irregular, semi-regular data, big data, cloud, and SAP.

In particular, the patented distributed server technology enables the real-time automatic allocation and operation of a plurality of ETL work results from the main server to the distributed server, and provides a single view function. This greatly reduces additional expansion and maintenance costs, which is characteristic of InnoQuartz.

InnoQuartz has been recognized in domestic and overseas markets with stable performance and technology, and has been steadily establishing itself as a domestic data integration solution and expanding its market share.

The company has know-how in carrying out the project by solving various user environment issues through a number of public/private projects including the National Statistical Office, the Public Prosecutors’ Office, the Ministry of Strategy and Finance, the Ministry of Environment, the Labor Welfare Corporation, Samsung Electronics, SK Hynix, Lotte Commerce, GS Group, LG Electronics and Hanwha Group.

In particular, the company explained that customer satisfaction is considerably high because it is possible to respond reasonably and promptly to low construction cost, customizing issues, and maintenance issues compared to foreign ETL solutions.

“We expect that the public market business opportunities and sales channels will be further expanded by registering the national market of the Public Procurement Service,” said Yoo Byeong-soo, managing director of InnoTree TCS Business Division. “We will continue to strengthen our market dominance by actively marketing sales activities with customer-friendly products with compatibility, convenience and high performance through continuous research and development.” he said.