Innotree (CEO Byung-Keun Kim), a total IT solution company, recently announced that it has signed a “site license agreement” with SK Hynix for its data integration operation ETL (Extract, transform, load) solution InnoQuartz.

‘InnoQuartz’ is a large-capacity data integration solution that provides installation, development, distributed processing, HA (high availability) support and scale-out extensions.

It is also a data integration tool that provides more than 900 interworking components such as RDBMS (relational database management system), XML (extensible notation language) data, big data, cloud, and SAP.

“The license agreement has made Hynix supply the ‘InnoQuartz’ solution,” a company official said. “Hynix Incheon, Cheongju and companies will be able to stably manage integrated management when operating large-capacity data of PB (peta byte) or more.”

Hynix plans to apply ‘InnoQuartz’ products to ‘Big Data Transfer Project’ by 2021.

“With this ‘InnoQuartz’ contract, Hynix will be able to steadily integrate a vast amount of data, which increases by dozens of tera each year,” said Yoo Byeong-soo, managing director of InnoTree. “We expect data efficiency to increase by more than 50%.”

InnoTree plans to expand its product policy and sales channels for InnoQuartz this year, and plans to focus on expanding its Japanese and Southeast Asian markets in the second half of the year with the launch of multilingual versions.