IT integrated service company Innotree (CEO Byung-Keun Kim) announced on the 17th that it signed a next-generation ETL supply contract with Lotte Indonesia and Vietnam Stock Exchange due to the success of data integration solution in domestic market and announced that it will enter overseas market in earnest.

“We have recently received InnoQuartz in Indonesia’s large online commerce platform and Vietnamese public institution system, and have been evaluated for its technology and performance in the global market,” said InnoTree.

In particular, Google Analytics interface was used to collect, store and manage analysis data using Google Analytics, which provided great help to development productivity and customer decision making by utilizing the internal components of InnoQuartz.

In addition, the distributed data synchronization of the Vietnamese public system was designed using the InnoQuartz Agent architecture, and data integration work was performed without data loss, and it was highly evaluated for its technology.

Yoo Byung-soo, director of overseas business, said, “We will accelerate our full-scale overseas expansion from this year by utilizing the experience and technology that replaced foreign products with InnoQuartz optimized for the needs of various data integration (ETL) of domestic customers.”

“In recent years, we have provided various support components of InnoQuartz to data service buses that play a key integrated function when constructing data lakes from ETL perspectives, providing excellent performance for integration of heterogeneous systems beyond simple data integration.”

On the other hand, InnoTree plans to step up overseas expansion, recruitment of overseas partners, and establishment of overseas subsidiaries, focusing on China and Southeast Asia, through continuous research and innovative solution development that meets global demand.