InnoTree (CEO Byung-Keun Kim), an IT integrated service company, announced on the 9th that InnoQuartz, its data integration (DI) solution, acquired a patent on December 1 last year by developing middleware devices that can distribute a number of ETL tasks.

The patent is a structure that can perform ETL tasks in real time from a main server to a distributed server through real-time monitoring by configuring an environment with a main server and a plurality of distributed servers by breaking away from the existing method of performing all tasks in one ETL server.

In addition, when distributing ETL tasks, the resource status of each distributed server is grasped in real time, and the work is automatically assigned to the distributed server with the lowest utilization rate.

The monitoring of the status and execution results of each distributed server is integrated and managed in the main server to provide a management view to the manager.

“The ETL structure using the dispersion server is already applied and operated in a number of large-capacity systems including other group next-generation shopping malls.” The structure of distributing these ETL tasks provides excellent performance when introducing ETLs for each region in cloud environments such as AWS or physically linking data of remote systems. ”

“Existing other solutions should purchase new licenses when increasing server capacity of ETL servers, but InnoQuartz expects to provide distributed servers (IQ Agents) that can be distributed with one license, providing customers with a lot of savings not only in performance but also in cost,” said InnoTree.