InnoTree, an IT integrated service company, announced on the 1st that it has supplied its InnoQuartz solution to the project to build the L* Next Generation Internet Duty Free Shop.

“In building and operating the next-generation Internet duty-free shop system, customers demanded ETL solutions suitable for the AWS cloud environment, and InnoQuartz solutions suitable for functions and environments were selected,” the company said.

The core requirements of this project are to provide a stable operating platform by performing the Restful API services in Http, Ftp, Ssh Service, xml and Json formats, away from the stereotype of ‘DB to DB’ or ‘File to DB’ implementation.

InnoQuartz solutions serve as a data pipeline as well as general EAI, DW, and ODS linkages, and are specialized in data bus functions among different heterogeneous systems, especially Micro Service Architecture (MSA), providing ‘One key installation’ functions for backup and recovery procedures without any restrictions on solution installation and change.

In addition, it provides the function of collecting the base data for big data analysis directly in conjunction with AWS S3.

The linked systems include web log system, monitoring system, external recommendation service, and vision solution.

“We are constantly working on new technologies that have not been available through continuous research and innovative solution development and management, and we are meeting the needs of our customers. With this project, InnoQuartz has proven its suitability as an innovative ETL tool for next-generation services.” “He said.

“InnoQuartz are based on Talen beyond traditional ETL, so it is well suited to the next generation OSS(Open Source Software) system and is playing a role as a data service bus.”,