IoT · Big data support domestic DI solution… ETL implementation based on structured and unstructured data

InnoTree ( announced on the 19th that it has obtained GS certification for InnoQuartz (InnoQuartz) ETL solution based on Big Data and Hadoop.

ETL means a series of all processes of using Database or Data Warehouse (DW) to extract (ETL) relevant data. So far, users have been operating with expensive ETL products and maintenance costs to handle vast amounts of data transfers and batchable Jobs.

As data governance becomes important in the Big Data era, ETL solutions are becoming an essential factor. ETL solutions are not only a tool for extraction, conversion and loading, but also evolving into a key element of data integration along with data quality and metadata.

In order to meet this problem, InnoQuartz said that it has the ability to process data based on big data such as Hadoop, which is basic for the formal and irregular data processing required by many projects.

This can greatly reduce server construction costs, expansion costs, and development periods, and can effectively reduce the cost of education and training and maintenance costs incurred when introducing solutions.

InnoQuartz is a domestic solution developed by InnoTree, so it consists of IQDesigner, an ETL modeling tool, IQServer for ETL operation and control, and IQAgent for ETL Job dispersion processing so that it can customize quickly according to customer needs. IQDesigner can be developed, debugged and distributed as WYSIWYG using IDE (Eclipse)-based ETL Tool, which is relatively low barriers to entry into ETL development by general developers. Since it supports various DBMS, BigData, File, No-Sql and other heterogeneous DB/DW implementations, it can be utilized for various service environments such as operation, next generation, and upgrading projects after the initial introduction.

IQServer is a control server for ETL Job operation, providing monitoring and reporting, dashboarding, and performance prediction according to Job performance. IQAgent can operate ETL Job in physically separated environments both inside and outside, and can be expanded according to the status of the target DB through distributed processing.

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